taste of the wild ancient mountain

Id say this is a great size for small/medium pets but Id keep in mind your dogs age - my Japanese spitz (who in retrospect eats anything) had no problem with eating her share but my teacup poodle didnt really show any interest. Because every dog is different and has varying tastes and nutritional needs which is why we’ve created Ancient Grains recipes that reflect our classic Taste of the Wild flavors. As the chart above displays, a minimum of 25% of Ancient Mountain Canine Recipe calories are derived from protein.

Both our puppy and All Life Stages recipes include specific nutrients, like added DHA that aids in brain and eye development, to help your puppy grow to their full potential. The recipe contains several high quality and nutritious ingredients, including Lamb and Lamb Meal. I would highly recommend this dog food. While not quite perfect, the nutrient profile of this dry dog food is satisfactory. This is significantly above average for a Dry Dog Food. Lamb Meal will contain the same vitamins and minerals as Lamb but in higher concentrations. Description At Taste of the Wild, we know that every dog is different, with varying tastes and nutritional needs. In addition to our grain-inclusive lamb recipe, we offer a grain-free lamb recipe, called Sierra Mountain Canine Recipe. Since using taste of the wild ancient mountain canine recipe roasted lamb I've notice my dog's coat has become so much soft and he has had more energy. Those high levels of fiber are the primary motivation behind this ingredient’s inclusion in most formulas as Tomato Pomace has little nutritional value. Excess protein can be burned as calories. Contains a source of live (viable), naturally occurring microorganisms. It is very high in carbohydrates and can be difficult to digest. The high level of fat present is from a lamb ingredients such as Lamb and Lamb Meal.